2011 Super Bowl Betting Online – Superbowl XLV Props

The 2011 Super Bowl XLV is officially set at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. on February 6, 2011

From June 15, 2010, through February 6, 2011, the 30-mile section of Interstate 30 between Dallas and Fort Worth along which Cowboys Stadium is s

ituated will be temporarily designated as the “Tom Landry Super Bowl Highway” in commemoration of Super Bowl XLV. The former Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike is now normally known as the “Tom Landry Highway” in honor of former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

The Super Bowl is the biggest single-day wagering event worldwide every year and the oddsmakers set the Super Bowl point spread within minutes of the Conference Championship Games. It is crucial to bookies that they set a Super Bowl point spread that will give them the best chance to get even action on both sides for the game, thus ensuring a profit for the house as a result of the vigorish or “juice”.

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