NFL Betting Tips

1) Keep it entertaining and fun to do, while playing intelligently, and the small
house advantage in the game of your choice will be a small price for you
to pay for that entertainment.

2) Give yourself a limit in time and money spent for this entertainment, treating it as
any other recreational sport. You wouldn't agonize through three double head
days of baseball back to back, or a marathon viewing session of three, four or five hockey games in one night, so don't over do this form of sport either.

Making Your Money Count For Football Bets

Gamblers or prospective gamblers beware! Most gambling hype you read, see, or hear in regard to betting sports is misinformed, erroneous or simply designed to take your money before you even place a bet. In order to be successful sports bettor, you have to have skills in money management, play selection, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations as to what you can expect to win if you are successful. Let me give you a method of money management as an eye opener:

Size of Bet
Minimum Bankroll
$20 – $30 per game $1,000 – $2,000
$40 – $50 per game $2,000 – $3,000
$100 per game $5,000
$500 per game $25,000

Most players start the season with absolutely no clue as to how much capital it takes to withstand the ups and downs of a typical football season. You should give yourself enough money to have a chance all year.Sports betting is nearly always full of streaks.
Even with great handicapping, you’re still going tolose 40 percent of your bets, so be prepared. You've got a bankroll, so what’s next? Divide it up as follows:

Bankroll Average Bet College Pro Reserve
$1,000 -$25 $400 $400 $200
$2,000 -$50 $800 $800 $400
$5,000 -$100 $2,000 $2,000 $1,000
$25,000 -$500 $10,000 $10,000 $5,000

Here is the important part. Never risk more than 25 percent to 30 percent of your bankroll on any week. In other words, if you like 5 pro games you will bet 6 percent of our bankroll on each game. On the best plays you will bet 8 percent and maybe
2 to 3 times a year you will find a game that’s worth 10 percent of your bankroll.
If you love a lotta action, simply drop your bet size (2 percent to 3 percent), but never risk more than 33 percent of your bankroll in one day. If you win one week, your bankroll is larger so you’ll automatically increase your bets as you win and conversely decrease your bets as you lose. The purpose of the reserve is to recapitalize one of your
bankrolls if the season starts out cold and you hit an early losing streak. In a typical year you should be cautious weeks 1 – 4, be bold weeks 5 – 12, and then revert to caution until the play-offs and bowl games.

This is a simple money management scheme and we’ll coach you on taking profits or when to use your reserve as the season progresses. There are more sophisticated methods of money management available, but for most people this method should work just fine. We will keep track of our hypothetical bankrolls using this method.

This should give you a start in the right direction. As the year progresses we will discuss how a football season is really 4 seasons, each of which must be bet differently. We'll discuss the importance of the line or point spread and which line moves are significant and which aren’t, as well as recap for you weekly where the syndicate (Gambling Syndicate) money was placed as well as how the sports books themselves actually fared. We trust you will find reading us enjoyable and informative and look forward to the season.